Australian Slang: How Many Aussie Sayings Do You Know?

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Australia is such a remote country that it has developed its own version of the English language. The intriguing range of Australian slang words and sayings that Aussies use in their everyday conversations can sometimes make it tricky for international travellers to understand what’s being said, even when they speak pretty good English.

So we have come up with a list of some common Australian slang terms to help you out when you visit North Queensland. Some of these are more likely to be heard ‘out bush’ rather than in the cities:

Common Words:

  • Big Brekkie – A large breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Bathers – swimming costumes, cozzis, swimmers, bathing suit
  • Togs – Bathers, swimming costumes or bathing suit
  • Cozi – Bathers, swimming costume or bathing suit
  • Bloke – Man, guy, male person
  • Ocker  –  Unsophisticated person who uses a lot of Australian slang in his everyday language
  • Yobbo –  Unsophisticated person who is quite loud
  • Booze Bus – Bus which police use to test drivers for alcohol or drugs and on side of the road
  • Bottle Shop – Shop that sells alcohol and cigarettes
  • Larrikin – Funny guy, easy-go-lucky person
  • Sheila – Woman
  • Arvo –  Afternoon
  • Esky – Square insulated bucket with a lid that keeps drinks cold, used for BBQs and picnics
  • Didgeridoo – Aboriginal musical instrument made from hollowed out tree log and painted
  • Damper – Bush bread baked in the campfire made from flour and water
  • Donkey-run showers – hot water provided by a lit fire warming the water
  • Tinnie – Small aluminium boat
  • Dunny – Toilet
  • Mozzies – Mosquitos
  • Maccas – McDonalds fast food restaurant
  • Nuddy – In the nude, no clothes on
  • Doona – Feather-filled quilt that you put on the bed (similar to a duvet)
  • Thongs – Flip flop shoes you wear on your feet
  • Hoodie – A zip up jacket with a hood
  • Quid – Money or used when talking about what you do for a job
  • Rapt – Thrilled, really happy and excited
  • Sanger – Sandwich
  • Servo – Service station where you buy petrol for your car
  • Road Train – Truck with normally 2 to 4 carriages being towed behind the truck
  • Slab – A box of 24 cans of beer
  • Smoko – Tea, coffee or cigarette break
  • Spewin’ – Disappointed
  • Trackie Dacks – Tracksuit pants
  • Truckie – Person who drives a truck
  • Tucker – Food
  • Bush Tucker – Bush food or food you find in remote bushland (Aboriginal phrase)
  • Wuss (pronounced Woos) – A person who is a scaredy-cat, a chicken or who is afraid
  • Ugg Boots – Warm ankle or knee-high boots made out of sheepskin

Common Sayings:

  • G’Day – hello
  • Every man and his dog was there – Everybody was there
  • No worries – It’ll be fine, it is all okay
  • No dramas – Not a problem, that’s fine
  • You bewdy – You little ripper, that’s fantastic
  • You little ripper – That’s fantastic
  • Chock a block – Totally full, can’t fit anything else in
  • Fair dinkum? – (as a question) Are you kidding? Are you serious?
  • Fair dinkum – I really mean it, it’s true
  • What do you do for a crust? – What do you do for a job? What do you do for a living?
  • One for the road – Will just have one more before I go, normally meaning another drink before you go
  • Bloody oath – Absolutely, yes, you bet
  • Bloody galah – They or you are so funny
  • Bloody idiot – They or you are an absolute idiot
  • Spit the dummy – Have a tantrum, get mad or annoyed
  • Drive-through – Fast food places like McDonalds have a drive-through window to buy food from car
  • Chuck a U-ey – Do a U-shaped turn and drive back the way you just came
  • Good on ya – Said as a joke to mean you said something funny OR to congratulate someone
  • Too right – Definitely, absolutely
  • Crikey –  Oh my god, oh my goodness
  • Strewth – Oh my god, oh my goodness
  • Give it a crack –  Give it a go, try anyway
  • Give us a heads up – Let us know beforehand
  • Not the full quid – The person is not right in the head and not normal
  • She’ll be right – It will be okay, everything is good
  • Just rock up – Turn up whenever you like
  • Shoot through – To leave, to head off somewhere else
  • My shout – My turn to buy a round of drinks at the bar
  • Chuck a sickie – Call work and tell them you are sick
  • Gone troppo – Gone mad or crazy (originally because of humid conditions)
  • Hit the turps – Go out for a night drinking (alcohol)
  • She is up herself – She is full of her own importance, she is arrogant and vain
  • Veg out – Totally relax and do nothing
  • Go walkabout – Disappear and go off somewhere without telling anyone where you are going
  • Don’t knock it – Don’t judge it or criticise it
  • Ooroo – Goodbye, see you later
  • To root for – to support (as in a football team)
  • Root – sex, shag

While there are many, many more Australian slang words and Aussie sayings, these are probably the most common ones you will hear while travelling through North Queensland.

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