10 Fun Camping Activities for Kids

camping activities for kids
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Camping is a popular way to explore North Queensland and a great adventure for children. They spend so much time indoors these days that its good for them to spend hours outdoors getting wet and muddy. But, just to make sure the fun never runs out, we always like to go with some extra camping activities for kids.

1. glow sticks

As long as you make sure your children understand not to leave these littering the campsite, glow sticks are great fun for kids on a camping trip.

Apart from wearing them, playing with them and lighting up the tent at bedtime with them, they’re also good for playing night time games like glow-in-the-dark bowling. Just pop them into clear water bottles, fill them with water and then use a ball to bowl them over.

Or you can play glow-in-the-dark ring toss. Join your glow sticks up to become circles (or necklaces) and take turns throwing them over a standing bottle of water. The person who manages to throw the most glow stick rings over the water bottle wins.

2. scavenger hunt

I love preparing scavenger hunts for my kids because it really causes them to take notice of their surroundings and appreciate nature.

I prepare beforehand by making up scavenger hunt lists with pictures of things the kids need to find.

If you’re beach camping get them to look for things they need to find and tick off their list like shells, seaweed, coral, seagulls, a pair of thongs, a sandcastle and so on.

For bush camping, items to find might include a rock, feather, pinecone, a heart-shaped leaf, animal footprints, a butterfly and so on.

3. board games

camping activities for kidsWe always take board games with us camping.

Even family members who aren’t normally keen to play board games at home will happily sit down and play games on holidays when there is no technology around to distract them.

They are also a great wet weather alternative.

4. nature artwork

Nature is a great inspiration for artwork so if you pack a few craft items like scissors, glue, sticky tape, paint and brushes, paper, googly craft eyes and string, your kids can have heaps of fun making all sorts of masterpieces. Dreamcatchers, leaf crowns, leaf collages and driftwood mobiles are always popular.

5. charades around the campfire

This game can be played by both adults and kids and is a great way to get everyone involved and having fun. You can limit the game to be about books or movies, you can act out animals or jobs or let everyone decide their own charade. It is always a fun game and one that the kids especially love.

6. travel journal

Camping can be very educational as well as fun so encourage your children to write about their holiday, the things they’ve done and what they’ve learnt. They can include photos and leaflets of places they’ve visited or draw sketches, as well as writing down their memories and thoughts.

7. beachcombing

things to do in cape tribThis is one of our favourite beach camping activities for kids. We spend hours interesting things like shells, dead coral and pieces of driftwood to create a beautiful sandcastle.

8. sporting games

While free play in nature is hugely beneficial for children, playing games with the family helps create memories they’ll cherish for life. We always take equipment for playing frisbee, soccer, beach cricket and boche.

9. camp cooking

Camping is a great opportunity for kids to get involved in working together as a family, which includes getting involved in food preparation. They can help wrap potatoes in tin foil ready to be baked, cook toast over the campfire, make pancakes and whatever else needs doing.

10. toasting marshmallows

campfire rules etiquetteA camping holiday wouldn’t be complete without a campfire and some marshmallows to toast.

Get the kids to search for their own long marshmallow stick during the day so they don’t have to search for one in the dark.

Just make sure you have plenty of marshmallows!

travel nq tips:

  •   Be a responsible camper and take all your rubbish away with you when you leave the campsite
  • Teach your children about responsible camping
  • Make sure your children are aware of aussie camping etiquette and how to behave around other campers


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