After Dark: Things to do in Cairns at Night

If you’re only in Cairns on a short visit you might want to make the most of your visit by doing some of your sightseeing at night. And luckily, there are plenty of things to do in Cairns… Read More

5 Ways to Experience Aboriginal Culture in FNQ

aboriginal art

Learn about Aboriginal culture in Far North Queensland

Tropical Treehouses: Sleeping in the Canopy of the Daintree Rainforest

daintree rainforest getaways

The Daintree’s Silky Oaks Lodge and Daintree Eco Lodge

Palm Cove or Trinity Beach Australia? Places to Stay in Cairns

palm cove one of places to stay in cairns

As a major tourist destination, there is a huge choice of places to stay in Cairns with the full range of budget options. However, if you prefer a more seaside holiday vibe rather than being in a city,… Read More

Make Mine a Latte: Best Cafes in Cairns

caffiend one of best cafes in cairns

With coffee plantations right on its doorstep, Cairns has no excuse for a lagging coffee scene and luckily there are some new cafes in Cairns that are raising the bar. You’d think that Cairns would have a buzzing… Read More

Paradise for a Day: Islands Off Cairns

arriving at fitzroy island, one of the islands off cairns

The closest islands off Cairns are Green Island and Fitzroy. Both are beautiful tropical islands that are easily accessible within an hours boat ride and both have their individual pros and cons depending on what you want to… Read More

Emu Creek Qld: How to Escape the Crowds in FNQ

emu creek queensland

Emu Creek Station is just one of an endless supply of remote camping spots in the vast wilderness of Far North Queensland where ‘true campers’ can escape from the crowds. Usually the only way to find out about… Read More

Camping at Mount Mulligan: One of Australia’s Best Kept Secrets

mount mulligan queensland camping

Known as the birthplace of the Rainbow Serpent and a sacred site according to indigenous legend, Mount Mulligan is spectacular but rarely seen. Most people are aware of the Northern Territory’s iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock), but North Queensland… Read More