Public Holidays in Australia

Many of the public holidays in Australia follow the usual Western Christian days of celebration, with Christmas and Easter being the main holidays. But Australia does have a few of its own peculiar public holiday traditions.  It’s fair… Read More

The Great Outdoors: Why Aussies Love Camping

camping in australia

What most people discover on a trip to the land down under is that it is a country of vast open spaces and remote wilderness areas. And because of this, Aussies love nothing more than hitting the open… Read More

What is Vegemite and Why do Aussies Love it so Much?

vegemite recipes

Aussies love it, most overseas tourists hate it, but there’s no denying Vegemite is one of Australia’s most popular and iconic brands. It is an ingredient in many Australian lunchboxes but what is Vegemite? Made from yeast extract,… Read More

Australian Slang: How Many Aussie Sayings Do You Know?

Australia is such a remote country that it has developed its own version of the English language. The intriguing range of Australian slang words and sayings that Aussies use in their everyday conversations can sometimes make it tricky… Read More