Sea Kayaking to the North Barnard Islands

north barnard islands

Ready to be explored and tantalisingly close to the coast

Travel NQ’s Guide to North Queensland Island Resorts

Green Island

The Great Barrier Reef stretches across 2300kms of the Queensland coast and includes over 1000 beautiful tropical islands and coral cays, many of which host amazing luxury island resorts. However, sometimes these resorts fall victim to cyclones, falling… Read More

Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Trips: What to Expect

great barrier reef snorkeling trips

There are many Great Barrier Reef snorkeling trips available from various places along the North Queensland coast and you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to be able to enjoy them. While scuba diving is obviously the… Read More

Why You Should Visit the Great Barrier Reef Now

picture of great barrier reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s natural wonders, renowned not only for it’s sheer size but also for the diversity of its marine life. However, the future of this global icon is far from certain… Read More

Hinchinbrook Island: Walking the Thorsborne Trail Backwards

One of the world’s best known wilderness walks

Easy Living at Fitzroy Island Resort

fitzroy island resort

Step on to this jetty and feel the tropical island vibe of Fitzroy Island Resort

Kids & The Reef: Is the Great Barrier Reef Child Friendly?

taking children to the great barrier reef

Choosing the best trip for your family

Hinchinbrook Region: Things to do around Ingham

great great way view of hinchinbrook

Hinchinbrook has the most spectacular scenic lookout along the Great Green Way with stunning views across mangroves and estuaries towards Hinchinbrook Island. And, while tourism is relatively limited, it is a haven for fishing and bushwalking. The environment… Read More

Passions of Paradise: A Rainy Day on the Reef

picture of passions of paradise boat

Sailing to the Reef with Award-Winning ‘Eco’ Operator

Is Finding Nemo a Blessing or a Curse for the Great Barrier Reef?

Picture of clownfish great barrier reef

Factors affecting visibility on the Reef