Travel NQ’s Guide to North Queensland Island Resorts

Green Island

The Great Barrier Reef stretches across 2300kms of the Queensland coast and includes over 1000 beautiful tropical islands and coral cays, many of which host amazing luxury island resorts. However, sometimes these resorts fall victim to cyclones, falling… Read More

Easy Living at Fitzroy Island Resort

fitzroy island resort

Step on to this jetty and feel the tropical island vibe of Fitzroy Island Resort

Things to do on Fitzroy Island, Queensland

sea kayaking one of things to do on Fitzroy island queensland

Our rundown of all the activities on Fitzroy Island

Paradise for a Day: Islands Off Cairns

arriving at fitzroy island, one of the islands off cairns

The closest islands off Cairns are Green Island and Fitzroy. Both are beautiful tropical islands that are easily accessible within an hours boat ride and both have their individual pros and cons depending on what you want to… Read More