Places to Camp Near Townsville

camping townsville

If you’re doing the big road trip along the east coast of Australia, you will inevitably find yourself needing to stop somewhere near Townsville at some stage. And if you’re camping there are a few good options for… Read More

Travel NQ’s Guide to Townsville Beaches

townsville beaches

One of the best things about living in Australia is its beach lifestyle. And since most of our cities are located along the vast coastline you never need to travel very far to find a world class beach…. Read More

Travel NQ’s Things to do in Townsville

things to do in townsville

While it is probably the most industrial city in north Queensland, there are still plenty of fun things to do in Townsville with lots of family friendly attractions and outdoor activities. 1. Hang out at the Strand –… Read More

Cruising the Channel: Hinchinbrook Houseboats for Rent

hinchinbrook houseboats for hire

Memorable holidays in the Far North

Magnetic Island Wildlife: Getting Cuddly with Koalas

picture of koala, magnetic island wildlife

Magnetic Island’s wildlife includes Australia’s largest wild koala colony but if you’re on a tight schedule, a trip to Bungalow Bay Koala Village might be for you.   Bungalow Bay Koala Village is owned by the Flemming family… Read More

Billabong Sanctuary: Walking on the Wild Side in Townsville

photo of saltwater crocodile at billabong sanctuary townsville

Feeding crocodiles and patting kangaroos are all part of the attraction at Townsville’s Billabong Sanctuary Wildlife Park. Billabong Sanctuary, about 18 kilometres south of the city on the Bruce Highway is a great place to spend the day… Read More

Guide to Townsville’s Best Freshwater Swimming Holes

picture of one of townsville's freshwater swimming holes

The summer months in North Queensland (November-April) can really sort the men out from the boys. Even the locals can find the high levels of humidity difficult to cope with. However, the sweaty weather also makes this the… Read More

Drive North Queensland: Cairns to Airlie Beach Road Trip

cairns to airlie beach road trip

Australia is the kind of country that is best explored behind the wheel of a car and this certainly applies to North Queensland. Many of the best places to experience such as deserted beaches, waterfalls and freshwater creeks,… Read More

What to do in Paluma Range National Park

About 80 kilometres north of Townsville there is a sign to the left pointing to Paluma Range National Park. A quick look at the map shows a windy road to the middle of nowhere so it would be… Read More

Drive the Great Green Way: Cairns to Townsville Road Trip

great great way view of hinchinbrook

It takes 4-5 hours to drive the Great Green Way between Cairns and Townsville if you drive without stopping. However, as I found out recently there are lots of reasons to take a few days on this road… Read More