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G’Day! Thanks for visiting Travel NQ.

Elaine Seager and Amanda CranstonWe’re Elaine and Amanda.

We’re both writers, we love to travel and we live in North Queensland in Australia.

So what better way to combine all of these things than through the creation of Travel NQ – a website that celebrates living and travelling in North Queensland.

Between us we’ve visited more than 60 countries around the world but we both chose to settle here in an area famously close to the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforest.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]How Travel NQ came about[/headline]

We were both originally city chicks working in the media industry (Elaine in London, Amanda in Melbourne).

We didn’t know each other then and even though we were living at opposite ends of the globe we made similar life choices, deciding to step off the corporate treadmill to go travelling around the world. Coincidentally we both ended up settling in the tropical paradise of Cairns.

We hope it will encourage you to explore and travel in NQ.

Happy travelling!

Elaine & Amanda