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As a born and bred Aussie I have grown up with our weird and wonderful Australian road signs and never really given them much thought. But I have to admit that they can be confusing, often hilarious and sometimes downright strange.

In fact, reading road signs has become a bit of a family activity in our car on road trips, especially on long journeys in regional outback areas where the signs can become even more crazy.

We like to play a game called ‘Guess the road sign’ where we each have to come up with our own silly explanation for some of the ambiguous road signs we come across (and there are many).

bizarre australian road signs

This one is obviously ‘beware of car-eating cows’, which can be especially dangerous in regional cattle grazing areas.


Watch out for people who chase bikes.

australian road signs

Bikes with one wheel don’t work very well, especially near choo-choo trains?

road sign warning about crashing into cassowaries

Be careful if you’re speeding, you might come up against a scary cassowary (a big and very rare prehistoric looking bird in Far North Queensland) .


This is one of our favourite Australian road signs here in Far North Queensland. The top sign was supposed to warn drivers in Cape Tribulation that this is a cassowary area and the bottom one was to warn about speed bumps, but some bright spark decided to add the words ‘before’ and ‘after’ and turned the bottom one into a dead cassowary.

Apparently the council replaced the signs several times but they kept being drawn on so in the end they gave up. Just as well, because they are very amusing!


And this is surely one of the funniest road signs you’ll ever come across!