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On a hot summer’s day in North Queensland, there’s nothing better than sitting in a beautiful natural swimming hole amongst the rainforest. Behana Gorge, about 30 minutes drive south of Cairns, is a favourite with locals, especially those who enjoy a bit of exercise before taking a dip.

It’s fairly easy to access Behana Gorge although the walk to the top takes about 45 minutes along an undulating private access road. There are quite a few steep inclines so make sure you take water.

It’s not unusual to see mums pushing prams up to the Gorge but its too far for young children to walk without a lot of whinging (we’d recommend aged 8+ unless you don’t mind carrying them all the way back!).


how to get to Behana Gorge


As you drive south of Cairns look for a road on your right past Gordonvale called Behana Gorge Road. It’s just after the pointy hill known as ‘The Pyramid’.

Keep following this road all the way along through canefields until you come to the car park.


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