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Close to Airlie Beach but almost completely devoid of tourists, Cape Gloucester is the kind of place that you want to shout about but also keep secret. There’s no doubt that it will catch the eye of developers soon, so make sure you visit this amazing beach now while it’s still pristine and fairly undiscovered.

The Whitsundays are world-renowned as a holiday destination with many islands and resorts catering to every different type of traveller. Jetsetters, yachties and backpackers all flock to this region to soak in the relaxed holiday vibe of the islands.

And yet, as I sat drinking my cocktail at Cape Gloucester only a short drive up the road on the mainland from Airlie Beach, I couldn’t help but ponder if they’d somehow missed the best part.


Dingo beach and beyond


Cape Gloucester is on a peninsula north of Airlie Beach. We headed to Dingo Beach first and then decided to carry on exploring up the dirt road to Hideaway Bay.

cape gloucester eco resortEventually we stopped to check out the beach and we could barely believe what we saw.

Australia has many beautiful deserted beaches but it’s still amazing to find one so undeveloped, especially close to a major tourist destination.

We stood there for a while taking in the views, mesmerised by calm turquoise water lapping gently onto the fine white sand and then eventually decided that the best way to enjoy such a pure virginal beach was with a cocktail.

So we went in search of the two resorts in the area – Cape Gloucester Eco Resort and Montes Reef Resort.

Cape Gloucester Eco Resort


cape gloucester eco resortCape Gloucester Eco Resort has 10 comfortable cabins for those who want seclusion in natural surroundings. It feels quiet, private and very, very relaxed.

The restaurant and bar area is quite large but slightly set back from the beach with a pool, so it is hidden amongst the trees.

We sat down, ordered Pina Coladas and absorbed the fabulous views of the coast. Even though there were a few other people there it was very spacious and we felt like we had the place to ourselves.

Montes Reef Resort


Montes Reef Resort also has about 10 cabins but they sit right on the beachfront. The restaurant is right on the beach too and has a more vibrant atmosphere than the laid back ambience at the Eco Resort.

montes reef resortThe menu offered lots of tempting seafood options and I ordered the herb crusted reef snapper fillets on a warm potato salad with capsicum relish.

It was delicious – could this day get any better?

It would have been delicious anywhere but when it arrives with fabulous views of the Whitsunday coast on the side, it just adds a few extra stars to an already star-studded menu.

Nothing but R&R


Cape Gloucester is a fabulous beach and is perfect for those who want to get away from it all and relax somewhere quiet but spectacular. Apart from these two resorts there is nothing much else in the area, other than a campsite and a few facilities at Dingo Beach.

Our top tip is to pack a book, camera and swimmers, and settle in for some serious rest and relaxation.