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NOTE: This business has closed. If you’re interested in ebiking in FNQ there is a tour available in Cape Tribulation (November 2017)

‘It’s about the journey not the destination’ is a popular saying and it couldn’t be a more true description of World Heritage Ebike Adventures tour in the Goldsborough Valley. Although in this case the destination is pretty good too.

There’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing a rainforest tour from Cairns but the best ones are those that involve some kind of activity that allows you to get out in nature and explore some of FNQ’s hidden gems away from the tourist trail.

goldsborough valleyEbike tours are a relatively new option and World Heritage Ebike Adventures offer two trips: a half day trip to the Goldsborough Valley, which requires medium bike skills, or a shorter and more basic two hour trip to the Barron Gorge.

We wanted to get plenty of time trying out the ebikes so we chose the Goldsborough Valley trip.


the ebikes


cairns ebike tours Electric bikes are basically normal bicycles with an electric motor attached so when you’re pedalling you get a bit of an extra boost.

It’s like having assisted pedalling so a potentially strenuous mountain bike is made accessible to just about anybody who can ride a bike.

Jamie Hicks, the owner of World Heritage Ebike Adventures, says he has taken a wide range of fitness levels and ages on the tour including his 70 year old mum!

How does the ebike actually work?

When you start pedalling the motor automatically kicks in and when you stop pedalling or apply the brakes the motor stops. Or, if you’re feeling a bit tired, you can circumvent the pedalling altogether and just keep the throttle on.

Once you get the hang of it they are pretty easy to ride and anybody who’s ever ridden a motorcycle will take to it very easily. In fact, we had a couple of motorbike enthusiasts in our group who enjoyed it so much they wanted to get an ebike of their own.


the tour


world heritage ebike adventuresJamie takes a maximum of seven riders on each tour so its very personalised. The tour starts with an 8.00am pick up in Cairns and a 40 minute drive down to Goldsborough Valley.

Goldsborough Valley is within the Wooroonooran National Park area that is well known to local campers and bushwalkers but it is well off the usual tourist trail.

World Heritage Ebike Adventures have exclusive access to this area so you won’t see other riders.

goldsborough valley ebikesIn fact, on the day we went the only people we saw on the track were a couple of bushwalkers coming down from the Goldfield Track (a six hour walk from Babinda) so you pretty much get the whole place to yourself.

The trail starts from the campgrounds and follows an unsealed old logging track, which is only accessible by walking or riding.

The return journey up to the top causeway of the Mulgrave River is about 16kms along a fairly rough and rocky track but with your assisted pedalling it’s very do-able.

goldsborough valley queenslandAlong the way Jamie stopped at waterfalls, creek crossings and a few other vantage points where we took a breather and posed for a few photos.

Once you get to the top its time for morning tea and a refreshing swim in the river.

The ride home was much easier since by this time we had got used to the bikes and we were ready to speed up.





ebike1This tour is really good fun and ticks all the boxes – it’s got beautiful scenery, a unique fun activity that gets you moving and small group personalised attention from the guide.

We really did feel like we were out on a fun day trip with our mates and we all had a blast.


travel nq fast facts:


  • Bikes, helmets, backpacks are included
  • Water and lunch is provided on the Goldsborough Tour
  • Take sunscreen (although the Goldsborough Tour is mostly in the shade), insect repellent, extra water and swimmers and a towel if you want to swim
  • Wear active wear and suitable footwear (runners)
  • Call Jamie directly on 0412 245648 to book or go to for more info