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Hinchinbrook has the most spectacular scenic lookout along the Great Green Way with stunning views across mangroves and estuaries towards Hinchinbrook Island. And, while tourism is relatively limited, it is a haven for fishing and bushwalking.

The environment around the Hinchinbrook area is so unique that much of it is protected by National Park status. The island itself is Australia’s largest national park island and the narrow channel between the island and the mainland is renowned as a fishing enthusiast’s heaven.

It’s also an important habitat for crocodiles, turtles and dugongs.


Ingham is the main town of the Hinchinbrook region and a major hub for North Queensland’s sugar industry. There are two mills in Ingham and hundreds of sugar cane growers in the surrounding area.


Cardwell is popular stop off point along the Great Green Way between Cairns and Townsville since there are a few cafes and beautiful views across to Hinchinbrook Island.

There is also a good freshwater swim hole near here called the Cardwell Spa Pools.


Lucinda is a tiny quiet little town known for it’s exceedingly long pier, which stretches for 5.76kms out into the ocean and it so long it follows the curved contour of the earth.

It services the local sugar terminal and since it’s the longest pier in the southern hemisphere it’s worth a quick look.

The other two reasons you might find yourself in Lucinda is to catch a ferry to Orpheus Island or to go fishing. There are a couple of reasonable places to stay there, including a campground, and there’s a restaurant too.

things to do around Ingham

  • Check out the TYTO Wetlands in Ingham
    These rehabilitated wetlands are located behind the visitor information centre. If you need to stretch your legs this is a good place to go – make sure you take water and insect repellent, the mozzies can be fierce. If you go late afternoon you’ll see the colony of wallabies.
  • Head up to Australia’s longest waterfall at Wallaman Falls
    If you’ve got the time this is definitely worth the drive – there’s a look out at the top.
  • Check out the local swim holes
  • Take at least one look at the Lucinda Jetty
    It is the longest one in the southern hemisphere. Seriously, it is so huge (5.76 kms) that it follows the curved contour of the earth.
  • Daytrip to Hinchinbrook Island
    Hinchinbrook Island is the largest island in the Great Barrier Reef and location for some of the scenes in movie Nim’s Island. Since the closure of the resort a few years ago, the only accommodation option on the island is camping. It is a haven for bushwalkers with the Thorsborne Track being the most well known walking trail. Guided daytrips are available through Absolute North Charters.
  • Fishing
    This is fishing heaven with several species available in the local waters although barramundi is a firm favourite. Boat charters are available or beach and wharf fishing.
  • Volunteer at the Orpheus Island Research Station for a few days, with a ferry leaving  normally every 4 days
  • Take a trip on a houseboat
    There are a couple of businesses operating houseboats in the Hinchinbrook Channel.
  • 4WD Drive to Blencoe Falls
  • Island daytrips
    While Hinchinbrook is the main island just across the channel there are also other national park islands nearby. However be aware that daily tidal times dictate the times any boats, ferries, houseboats or charter tours leave the marina, so make sure you check beforehand the time of your departure when booking any activities on the water

travel nq fast facts:

  • Hinchinbrook is located on the Great Green Way between Cairns and Townsville.
  • Take insect repellent – this is a mangrove area so sand flies come with the territory, especially at dusk