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When it comes to complimentary hotel toiletries, do you use them, secretly stuff them in your suitcase to take home or shy away from them altogether? It seems people are quite divided on this topic.

Well believe it or not but hotel toiletries are big business and they are one of the top three attractions for hotel guests.

In fact, many travellers go to the extent of choosing their accommodation based on the luxurious branded amenities on offer. You might think this sounds crazy, but its true and luxury brands are constantly competing for the wow factor.

toiletries2So if you’ve always been hesitant about using that little bottle of body wash on offer or felt naughty packing the tiny shampoo bottles into your suitcase, don’t, because they want you to use them and tell others about it.

In fact, hotel and resort toiletries have come a long way in recent years.

While it is still standard to get shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and soap as complimentary toiletries, many resorts and hotels are going a step further and adding more luxurious and unique products.

Some companies have even brought fashion designers on board to design toiletries, such as Peter Morrissey who has produced a range of branded amenities with a masculine black and white look.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]What makes toiletries luxurious?[/headline]

hotel luxuriesIt comes down to beautiful packaging, being more eco-friendly and offering a wider range of wow products.

Who wouldn’t feel spoilt with complimentary mud masks, bath tea bags, bath bombs infused with rose petals, sea salt bath bags, facial cleansers, shower crystals, lip balms, loofahs, shower gels with essential oils and pre-packaged travel kits.

You’d be surprised by just how much beautiful toiletries add to your holiday experience and leave a memorable, lasting impression.

I am guilty of remembering the gorgeous toiletries from many of my holidays and do you know why? Because they weren’t just your standard shampoo and conditioner, they were a bit more special and it made me feel more valued as a customer and guest.

I specifically remember the range of complimentary L’Occitane bathroom products when I stayed at the Coconut Grove Apartments in Port Douglas because they were absolutely divine.

I remember the beautiful aboriginal-inspired bath products at the Daintree Eco Lodge because the essential oils and packaging was so unique.

And I remember my excitement at getting to try the Peter Morrissey branded toiletries at the Fitzroy Island Resort because he is an Australian icon when it comes to design.

All of these bathroom products had a wow factor and I still remember them well after my holiday.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]point of difference[/headline]

hotel giveawaysBathroom amenities provide a point of difference for hotels and resorts and help them stand out from the crowd when it comes to impressing guests. While there are some products we will always need like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap, others maybe aren’t so necessary.

I can honestly say I have never used the body lotion and it is very rarely I am in need of the travel sewing kit. And I certainly don’t get excited at seeing wall-mounted shampoo dispensers when I am staying somewhere fancy. Nothing says lack of luxury more than a wall dispenser!

At the end of the day, hotel toiletries are offered to help set the tone of your stay, provide you with something a little more luxurious than you might use at home and makes you feel special. So don’t be scared to try the hotel toiletries next time you book a weekend away.