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North Queensland has a tropical climate with a wet season and dry season. While the wet season may not be so popular with tourists, most locals love it because when the rains come, everything springs to life.

North Queensland is beautiful in the wet season. The creeks are flowing, the landscape green and lush, frogs are chirping, birds are calling and the air is fresh, providing a much-needed reprise from the thick humidity.

Yet many tourists avoid the wet season out of fear there might be a cyclone or their travel agent has advised against it.

Of course, if you only want to see sunshine and blue skies on your holidays then you may want to avoid travelling here between November-April but don’t let the rains put you off because there’s still much to enjoy.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]wet season pro’s: [/headline]

  • Waterfalls
    The waterfalls are spectacular in the wet season so this is the best time to tour the waterfalls circuit in the Cairns Tablelands and take photographs of the waterfalls at their best. For locals it’s amazing to see a trickle of water in the dry season transform into overflowing force of water.
  • Flowing rivers
    White water rafting and kayaking trips can be a lot more fun in the wet season. Sometimes locals even take to the creeks in inflatables!
    picture of wallabies
  • Wildlife
    The sound of frogs and toads croaking during a downpour is amazing to hear.
    Then when the rain stops, birds of all species call out to one another and come out looking for food. Wallabies forage on the rainforest floor and bush turkeys, bandicoots and wildlife from all walks of life come out to play.
  • Beachcombing
    After the rain, beautiful shells, spectacular pieces of driftwood, coconut shells and seed pods all wash ashore. It is a beachcomber’s paradise.
  • Accommodation
    The Canopy Rainforest Retreat and Wildlife Sanctuary in the Cairns Tablelands tops our list of one of the best places to stay in the wet season. It has luxury self-contained treehouses with pot belly fireplaces and enormous spa bath overlooking the forest as well as a large undercover balcony with views over the Ithaca River.
  • Not as Crowded
    As most tourists tend to visit North Queensland in the dry season, you will find the tours and boats less crowded in the wet season so you’ll be able to mingle more with locals than travellers.

When it rains in the wet season, it really rains. Sometimes it can last for days or weeks, other times there will be clear days in between. But life goes on for locals, tour operators and resorts whether it is wet season or dry season so there are still tours operating and sights to see.

And just because it’s raining doesn’t mean it’s cold. In the tropics it is always hot so instead of trying to avoid getting wet, embrace it. Jumping in puddles can be fun, even for adults!

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]travel nq fast facts: [/headline]

  • The North Queensland climate has a wet season (November-April) and a dry season (May-September)
  • During periods of heavy rain roads may become flooded
  • The wet season is also the cyclone season but they don’t occur every year and they vary in severity