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Surrounded by rainforest with a spectacular wide open beach, Mission Beach is a popular weekend getaway and a paradise for beach lovers, seachangers and conservationists. 

The beautiful quiet coastal town of Mission Beach is the kind of place that makes you want to kick off your shoes, find a spot under a palm tree and breathe in the warm salty air.

It is a 15-20 minutes drive off the Bruce Highway about halfway between Cairns and Townsville so its a popular weekend getaway and also an attractive stop off point for self-drive tourists.

While it’s not a huge or very developed, there are a few good places to stay in Mission Beach and the area has a range of accommodation options from motels to B&B’s and camping.


1. castaways


castaways restaurant

Castaways is one of the top places to stay in Mission Beach.

It is a moderate budget level resort with 47 rooms and a good range of accommodation options including self-catering apartments.

Located right on the beach close to the main part of Mission Beach, it is a short walking distance to the shops and restaurants.


2. ecovillage


ecovillage mission beach

Ecovillage Mission Beach is located at the northernmost end of Mission Beach.

It has 17 private bungalows spread out around a beautiful pool and tropical gardens.

It is beautiful, quiet and very relaxing with nice big comfortable rooms including a spa bath, which is wonderful if you’re visiting in the cooler months.

There is a short path that meanders down from the resort to the beach and its then about 10-15 minutes walk along the beach to the main part of town. Perfect if you’re wanting a stroll along the beach before dinner.

The resort does have a restaurant but it is only open 2 nights a week.


3. mission beach hideaway holiday village


mission beach hideaway village

A hop skip and a jump from the shops and restaurants and just across the road from the beach, the Mission Beach Hideaway Holiday Park is a camping and caravan park but it also has cabins.

The facilities are all really nice so if you want camping but with a few more comforts, this is the place to be.


4. mission beach campground


mission beach campground

For those on a budget, there is a council campground on the beachfront right in the heart of Mission Beach.

Honestly, you really couldn’t ask for better quality real estate!


5. sealords b&b


Sealords B&B is about 5 minutes drive out of the main part of Mission Beach on the road north towards Bingil Bay.

It offers 3 big deluxe rooms with all the facilities including a nice pool.

6. sanctuary


sanctuary retreat

A bit further away from the main part of town, Sanctuary Retreat is near Brookes Beach (on the road to Bingil Bay).

Located on a hill right in the middle of privately owned rainforest, it is perfect for those who want to be fully immersed in the rainforest.

Other plus points: a) it doubles as a yoga retreat, b) it has a great restaurant with awesome food and views and c) there’s a good chance you’ll come across cassowaries.

7. licuala lodge


Licuala Lodge is a 10 minute drive from the beach but it has nice gardens and a big pool.

There are only 4 rooms, which are fairly small but they are immaculately clean. They don’t have air-con but since the rooms are elevated there is sufficient breeze.

It always seems to be particularly popular with Europeans, maybe because the owners are an English couple, or maybe because they come to see cassowaries walking through the garden twice a day for food (you’re not meant to feed wildlife but I guess its good for business!).

One of the other major highlights of staying at Licuala Lodge is the excellent breakfasts.

travel nq fast facts:


  • There are more places to stay in Mission Beach including holiday house rentals if you don’t mind being a little further away from the main action
  • Check this page out for things to do in the area including reef trips
  • There are a few good restaurants in Mission Beach – they do tend to change quite a bit but there’s always somewhere doing good food.
  • Drive slowly – this is important cassowary habitat and vehicle strikes are one of their biggest threats.