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Cape York is a dream destination for many travellers but this remote and isolated wilderness is under pressure from increasing visitor numbers. And, while many are doing the right thing, there is a minority of visitors who risk spoiling it for others. 

A trip to Cape York requires a lot of planning because of the huge distances, unsealed roads, limited infrastructure and limited communications.

It pays to be well prepared, not only for your own safety and enjoyment but also because good preparation will help minimise your impact on the environment.

Issues such as littering, illegal dumping, trespassing, accidental wildfires, leaving stock gates open are a headache for farmers and landholders and many are choosing to stop visitors accessing their land.

It is important to remember that all land in Cape York is owned by somebody, no matter how remote it may seem.

With good planning and a little consideration, it is possible to travel sustainably and keep Cape York open for future travellers.

Thoughtful Travelling Cape York


travelling cape yorkIn order to raise awareness of some of the environmental issues caused by travellers to the Cape, several organisations worked together to produce a publication to provide visitors with practical tips and information when venturing to the peninsula.

How to be a Cape York Thoughtful Traveller‘ is a useful guide for anybody travelling to and around the Cape, even those who know the Cape well and are regular visitors.

It covers topics such driving, camping, boating, dealing with rubbish and cultural considerations as well as important information about staying safe from wildfires and crocodiles.

It also contains a lot of information about how to minimise your impact on Cape York’s environment as you travel which includes having good toilet etiquette (ie. not leaving white flowers all the way along the Telegraph Track) to ways of preventing the spread of weeds and protecting the native wildlife.

There is also a map showing where key facilities are.

This guide is important reading for anybody travelling in Cape York and we recommend everyone reading it as preparation before you set off on your trip.

**Download: How to be a Cape York Thoughtful Traveller