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If you’re looking for something to do near Port Douglas and you’ve never tried stand up paddle boarding, then maybe you should join this Daintree paddle boarding tour along the Mossman River. It is a truly amazing way to experience the Daintree rainforest.

There are lots of beaches in North Queensland where you can try stand up paddle boarding on the ocean but a Mossman-based business called Windswell also offers Daintree paddle boarding tours along the Mossman River.

This is a beautiful way to enjoy the rainforest and, the good news is, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]learning to stand up paddle board[/headline]

windswell paddle boarding port douglasWe recently joined Windswell’s stand up paddle boarding tour and it was an awesome afternoon and definitely worth doing.

We had no prior experience but our instructor Matt gave us sufficient training to give us the confidence to head off.

Admittedly, we needed to overcome shaky knees at first as our bodies got used to balancing on a floating board, but we found it fairly straightforward once we got going.

Even our children (aged 7 and 9 years) managed their own boards although they are confident in water and used to kayaking.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]setting off up the river[/headline]

Initially we travelled upriver, paddling against the gentle current. This obviously meant that the return journey would involved a much more leisurely drift back downriver.

Thankfully the water wasn’t very deep so we weren’t worried about falling off our boards, which happened many times. Be prepared to get wet, staying dry isn’t really an option.

picture of daintree paddle boarding tour on mossman riverAlong the way we passed swimmers and quite a few logs and fallen trees so it was important to follow Matt’s lead to avoid obstacles.

He showed us how to manoeuvre our paddle boards around them. We even had to lie flat on our boards at one point to float underneath a low lying tree, which had fallen right across the river, but that was all part of the fun.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]what to expect from the tour[/headline]

The paddle boarding tour normally lasts from 2 to 2 ½ hours but each tour is different and depends on the group and their skill level.

According to Matt, some athletic and adventurous travellers paddle really hard and go as far up the Mossman River as they can before its time to head back down river. Families and less skilled paddle boarders usually prefer to take their time and stop off for a swim or play on the rope swing.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]messing about on the river[/headline]

rainforest paddle boarding tour port douglasWe had a lot of fun on this Daintree paddle boarding tour. There were plenty of opportunities to fall off and laugh at each other and we even got a river spa treatment when Matt gave us each some river clay to spread over our faces and bodies.

Afterwards we all laid flat on our boards facing upwards to the sky, gazing at the rainforest canopy and gently floating back downstream with the current. It was probably one of my favourite moments of the trip.

We also stopped along the way to share some of the tropical fruits he had brought along. The mangoes, passionfruit, dragonfruit, bananas and papaya we shared were delicious and gave us the energy to paddle home.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]travel nq fast facts:[/headline]

  • The Mossman River is approximately 15 minutes drive north of Port Douglas
  • This Daintree paddle boarding tour is fairly relaxed but some balance and skill is required
  • Children are welcome depending on age and ability (check when booking)
  • Windswell offer other stand up paddle boarding tours at various locations
  • For more information call Windswell on 0427 498042 or check out their at