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The prospect of sleeping in a cosy treehouse at the Daintree Wilderness Lodge was so appealing that even the threat of heavy rain couldn’t deter us from our weekend away.

I love staying in treehouses. They are a unique feature of Far North Queensland and we are lucky to have so many amazing treehouse resorts amongst our tropical rainforests.

The rain never puts us off because it gives the rainforest a fresh smell and there is nothing more hypnotic and relaxing than the sound of rain on a tin roof.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]The treehouses[/headline]

daintree rainforest treehouseThere are seven cosy treehouses at the Daintree Wilderness Lodge.

They are accessed by long wooden boardwalks, which help protect the rainforest floor and wildlife. At night little lights along the boardwalk show the way back to the lodges and torches are also provided.

If you are lucky, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife that live amongst the trees.

There is a wildlife board at reception that is updated whenever wildlife is spotted.

daintree rainforest treehouse accommodationEach lodge caters for couples only with a queen size bed, couch, bathroom (shower and toilet), bar fridge with mini bar, tea and coffee facilities and a television with built-in DVD player.

Since television reception is extremely limited in the Daintree the resort provides an extensive DVD library for guests who want to sit back and watch a movie in their treehouse.

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cycad restaurant daintreeThe Daintree Wilderness Lodge has its own restaurant on the property called the Cycad Restaurant, which caters exclusively for resort guests.

Breakfast is included and dinner orders must be placed by 4pm each day so the resort can minimise food wastage.

We enjoyed both breakfast and dinner and the food was fantastic. All the ingredients were locally sourced including a platter of local tropical fruits, Daintree-grown tea and Mareeba-grown coffee.

There is also a swimming pool and spa at the property which can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.

[headline size=”small” align=”left”]the magic of the daintree[/headline]

daintree rainforest creekThere is no denying the peace and tranquillity of the Daintree Rainforest is incredibly appealing.

This treehouse resort is happy to blend into the lush habitat so the rainforest remains the hero.

In fact, it has left many people under its spell, including Hollywood actor Marlon Brando who rented out the entire resort during the filming of ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’.

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boardwalk daintree wilderness lodge

  • The Daintree Wilderness Lodge has been awarded an Advanced Eco Accreditation for their use of spring water, their bio-cycle system, their limited use of diesel generated power and their reduction in carbon air pollution by using local suppliers.
  • Be prepared for the mosquitoes if you visit during the wet season because they are relentless. Take insect spray for the room, mozzie coils to burn on your balcony and mozzie repellent for your body because the mosquitoes really are relentless.
  • Don’t let the rain put you off – there is a reason why ‘rain’ appears in the word ‘rainforest’. Just take wet weather gear and enjoy the lush vibrancy of the forest.