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Emu Creek Station is just one of an endless supply of remote camping spots in the vast wilderness of Far North Queensland where ‘true campers’ can escape from the crowds.

Usually the only way to find out about these camping places is via word-of-mouth from other locals.

‘Bush camping’ often means heading off to some remote outback station with little more than a few scribbled directions and a hand-drawn map as our only reference.

road to emu creek north queensland

Emu Creek Station is one of those places.

Like most people that go there we found out about it from the campers grapevine but since it doesn’t have a website searching for more information or a map on Google proved fairly fruitless.

We arrived after driving for just over two hours from Cairns and it turned out to be a fantastic camping and fishing spot with everything campers look for…shady trees, room to set up a camper trailer, a freshwater creek and no crowds.

This is the kind of place that attracts regular returning campers who enjoy setting up camp with a creek frontage and no other faces in sight.

Another drawcard to Emu Creek is the fact that you are allowed to have your own campfire and you can take your dog.


A little bit of history…


Emu Creek is a working cattle station owned by Don and Liz Crossland. They both descend from early pioneering families and bought the land in 1975, turning it into a cattle station. They say the area was a haven for thieves back then, often resembling the Wild West as they had to ride around with a gun on their saddle to protect their cattle.

In 1995 they decided to open their property up for camping to provide an extra income stream.



Fun on the creek


kayaking on emu creek

Emu Creek itself is long and wide with shallow sandbar sections and deeper areas that are perfect for kayaking and fishing.

Sections of the river sometimes dry up between July and September, but there’s normally plenty of water.

In the wet season a lot of fish swim upstream from the Walsh River when the creek floods, and this keeps the creek stocked with sleepy cod, black brim (also known as sooty grunter), red claw yabbies and catfish. According to the owners, these are all good to eat.

There’s also plenty of wildlife to be enjoyed including over 30 species of birds although campers also need to be aware of the more dangerous varieties of wildlife such as wild dingoes, snakes, spiders and scorpions!

If you’re happy to experience basic bush camping in exchange for feeling a millions miles away from anywhere, Emu Creek ticks all the boxes.

travel nq Fast Facts


  • Emu Creek is two hours drive from Cairns in Far North Queensland
  • The turnoff for the Emu Creek Outback Holiday Station is 23km from Dimbulah located on Burke Development Road
  • Fishing is available in the creek
  • There are currently four bush toilets but the owners plan to remove these so campers will have to take their own portable loos in future.
  • Call (07) 4094 8313 for more information

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