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Outdoor activities like four wheel driving, fishing, boating, camping, horse riding and bushwalking are all a part of the adventure of living in North Queensland. But if you’re out in the middle of the bush, a Rescue Swag is just the thing to give you peace of mind.

Created by a Far North Queensland local, this comprehensive, lightweight portable first aid kit was actually the brainchild of Mareeba woman, Tracey Beikoff. She came up with the idea after watching one of her friends fall off her horse and need medical attention.

Tracey is also a keen horse rider but had never been able to find a first aid kit suitable for carrying on a horse. So like all good entrepreneurs Tracey set about designing her very own.
The result is the Rescue Swag, a kit that can be easily be clipped on to a horse saddle, pushbike or motorbike. It can also be worn on a belt for bushwalkers.

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rescue swagAfter developing a prototype Tracey was encouraged to enter her product into the 2012 TNQ Innovation Awards. She won the New Innovation Category and was a finalist in three other categories.

She says this gave her instant validation that the product was good and would actually make a difference in people’s lives so she entered Channel Ten’s program ‘Shark Tank Australia’ which helps turn business ideas into a reality.

After pitching her idea to the panel of multi-millionaire business entrepreneurs, one of them saw huge potential in the idea, internet businessman and renowned ‘boy from the bush’ Steve Baxter.

He invested in Rescue Swag and helped set Tracey up with manufacturers and distributors and has continued to be a mentor for Tracey.

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rescue swagThe Rescue Swag is intended as a medical device and safety response kit, rather than a simple first aid kit.

It is tailor-made for Australia, with an alternative version made for the US. It is light and compact with a reflective strip, a torch and whistle.

There are three compartments filled with medical supplies for major injuries, minor injuries and snake bites and burns.

SlingWhat really makes this kit stand apart is the illustrated instructions, which are essential if you find yourself out in the bush or off-road when an accident occurs.

The Major Injuries bag includes medical supplies for heavy bleeding, hypothermia, CPR, an incident report notebook and pencil and even amputation bags for if an injury is serious.

The Minor Injuries bag contains supplies for eye care, minor wounds, sprains, strains, itches, stings and splinters with modern splinter probes and instant ice packs.

And the Snake Bite and Burns compartment contains burn gel, burn dressing, burn sheets, various bandages and instructions on how to treat a snake bite.

And, in a clever little twist, the compartment bags can all be removed easily so that the Rescue Swag can be rolled out flat and used as a splint, a sling or an immobilisation device.

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AppThere is also a tailor-made Rescue Swag Buddy App that can be downloaded onto your mobile phone for free.

It works on both Apple and Android devices and it will provide easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations to help guide you through the process of treating the injured person.


[headline size=”small” align=”left”]travel nq fast facts:[/headline]

  • All the medical supplies are made and sourced within Australia
  • The Rescue Swag supplies should be checked regularly and individual refill packs are available through Rescue Swag
  • Personal locating beacons are also available to be added to the product
  • The original Rescue Swag is tailor-made for the Australian market with the snake bite and burns compartment being an important component. The American version uses a Survival Pack compartment instead with a small supply of water, matches and energy bar.

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