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North Queensland is home to some of the world’s longest surviving rainforest so if you’ve got the urge to immerse yourself in the sounds of the jungle these are some of our favourite places to go for a rainforest getaway. Get ready to fall asleep to the sounds of cicadas! 

The first place that springs to mind for most people thinking about a rainforest escape in North Queensland is the Daintree, although there are other pockets of rainforest scattered throughout the Wet Tropics.

The Daintree Rainforest is like a lush green enchanted forest, full of wonder, full of history and brimming with wildlife.

Here are some of our favourite rainforest getaways:


me tarzan, you jane


silky oaks treehoure

Silky Oaks Lodge


Sleeping in a treehouse is definitely one of the more unique experiences to be enjoyed in FNQ.

Two of the most luxurious treehouse retreats are in the Daintree.

The Daintree Eco Lodge has treehouse ‘bayans’ that you can stay in and some even have balcony spas so you can have a bath surrounded by nature.

The other one is Silky Oaks Lodge, which overlooks the beautiful Mossman River. It has a fabulous restaurant too.

daintree rainforest treehouse

Daintree Wilderness Lodge


For something a little less expensive but still totally immersed in the rainforest, try the Daintree Wilderness Lodge. It has raised wooden boardwalk paths going to each treehouse.

Another great place where you can stay in a treehouse is in the Atherton Tablelands at The Canopy Treehouses in Tarzali.

This place is amazing, like an animal sanctuary, where you can look on to a creek with turtles and platypus.

home away from home


wait a while house rental daintree

Wait a While Retreat

If you’re travelling as a group or just prefer somewhere quiet with room to stretch out and not be worried about other travellers, a holiday rental is a great option.

Our favourite one in the Daintree is Wait a While Retreat.


canvas or netting


glamping in mission beach

The Sanctuary in Mission Beach


For those who want a more ‘open air’ experience of sleeping in the rainforest, The Sanctuary in Mission Beach have these netted huts you can sleep in.

The bonus of staying here is that there’s a good chance of coming across a cassowary.

If camping is more your thing there are several good camping areas throughout the region, many of which are located next to beautiful creeks and freshwater swimholes.


rainforest adventures


jungle surfingOkay, so now you’re staying in the rainforest but you really want to get in amongst it.

In the Daintree there are boardwalks, long stretches of beach and freshwater swimholes to explore as well as crocodile cruises along the inlets and rivers, which are a good way to soak in the environment.

At the top end in Cape Tribulation you can also go jungle surfing, which is the closest you’ll get to swinging through the trees like Tarzan. It involves whizzing through the canopy on a series of ziplines and is a fun way to enjoy the rainforest.

If water activities are more your thing, you’ll need to get away from croc territory. Just south of the Daintree, you can take a stand up paddle board tour of the Mossman River, which is highly recommended.



travel nq fast facts:


  • The best time to visit rainforest areas is May-September. During these months of the dry season the weather is cooler and less humid so there are less mosquitoes.